Armageddon (Poster Version): CD


Release Date: 5 July, 2024

aespa’s first regular album “Armageddon” features the title track of the same name, highlighting its trendy track and rough, understated vocal tone. Starting with the pre-release track ‘Supernova’, which captures minimalistic track sounds and a catchy topline, the album is highly anticipated to showcase aespa’s full musical colors with a total of 10 songs spanning various genres, including energetic hip hop, bright cheerful dance music, rhythmical modern pop and ballad.

In this album, aespa’s Season 2 lore transcends the REAL WORLD and digital realm into the multiverse, where aespa showcase their unique music and visuals to reveal the process of encountering different versions of me through endless possibilities in the parallel world and finally becoming the whole complete self.

SM Entertainment
CD Album