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Songs: Ohia

Axxess & Ace: Limited Clear Orange Vinyl LP [NAD23]


Release Date: 14 October, 2023

Axxess and Ace stood to be Songs: Ohia's third album release in 1999, Jason Molina is assisted by Geof Comings (Party Girls), Michael Krassner (The Lofty Pillars, Boxhead Ensemble, Edith Frost Band), Joe Ferguson (Pinetop Seven), Dave Pavkovic (Boxhead Ensemble), Julie Liu (Rex) and Edith Frost. This album was recorded by Krassner at his Truckstop Studios in Chicago. 'Axxess and Ace' flickers between Liu's aching violin and Molina's intensely personal lyrics quilting the worries and anxieties of the idea of imperfections. It is direct, in the way that love songs can be, recorded almost entirely live and first take. The finished product is full of spontaneity and surprise for the listener to enjoy time and time again. Repressed on colour for the first time in ages!


1. Hot Black Silk
2. Love & Work
3. Love Leaves Its Abusers
4. Redhead
5. Captain Badass
6. Come Back To Your Man
7. Champion
8. How To Be Perfect Men
9. Goodnight Lover

Secretly Canadian
Vinyl LP