Elephant Stone

Back Into The Dream: Clear Vinyl LP


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180g ultra-clear vinyl, gatefold jacket, download card included. Straddling the elusive boundary between the corporeal and the transcendent, Montreal-based psych-pop band Elephant Stone has cemented its reputation as a band deeply invested in probing the contours of dreams and consciousness. Over a 14-year odyssey, their sonic tapestry has evolved into a rich and intricate form of art, capable of capturing the boundless terrain of human emotion and cognition. Set for release on February 23rd 2024, their upcoming album, ‘Back Into the Dream’, serves as the ultimate culmination of this musical evolution, offering listeners an entrancing passage through realms of introspection and wonder. The band's driving force, Rishi Dhir, has an innate ability to bare his soul through music, plumbing the depths of his vulnerabilities and musings. "I'm often caught in the web of intense, recurring dreams, which I think reflect my ongoing quest for identity and a sense of belonging," Rishi divulges. Centred on the enigma of dreams—whether they're subconscious murmurings or portals to parallel universes—’Back Into the Dream’ encapsulates the eternal cycle of waking and dreaming. “We're perpetually oscillating between two realms, trying to comprehend each," says Rishi. "If 7 our music can serve as a bridge between these worlds, then we've accomplished our mission." 

1) Lost In A Dream
2) The Spark
3) Going Underground
4) History Repeating
5) bae
6) Godstar
7) The Imajinary, Nameless Everybody In The World
8) Pilgrimage
9) On Our Own
10) Another Year Gone

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