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Digga D

Back To Square One: CD


Release Date: 15 September, 2023

A prominent figure in the UK drill scene, Digga D, returns with his fourth project, 'Back to Square One.' This album reveals a new side of the artist as he journeys into a more introspective and personal narrative, showcasing his growth and maturity both as a person and as an artist.

The title 'Back to Square One' signifies Digga D's roots in 'Powis Square.' This album invites listeners on a trip through Digga's recent life experiences, mapping his journey back to his beginnings. As opposed to his previous projects packed with hits, 'Back to Square One' dives into Digga's evolution, exploring his personal growth and changing life perspectives.

The album is not devoid of notable collaborations. With features from M Huncho and Potter Payper, both of whom are under the same management team, Groundworks, as well as a Posse Cut titled 'Blue Woo,' alongside CGM Members J Sav, Rack5, and OS Chinx, the project serves a compelling fusion of narratives and sounds.

Among the standout tracks is the fan-favourite 'Energy,' which has already garnered impressive streams and continues to captivate audiences with its magnetic rhythm and hard-hitting lyrics. 'DTF' and 'I'm From,' two previously released singles, also form part of this immersive narrative, setting the tone for the introspective nature of 'Back to Square One.'

In this project, Digga D opens up about some of his most traumatic experiences, including the loss of friends to the streets, being shot at in Jamaica, family disputes since his rise to fame, and the pressures of being a public figure at just 23. His raw and honest lyricism offers listeners a deeper understanding of the artist behind the music, further amplifying the impact of 'Back to Square One.'

'Back to Square One' represents a significant chapter in Digga D's career, shedding light on his personal experiences and evolution. This album solidifies Digga D's legacy as not just a hitmaker, but a profound storyteller in the UK music scene.

Prepare for a captivating exploration of Digga D's life journey. 'Back to Square One' is more than just an album - it's an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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