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Bad Books

Bad Books: Eco-Mix Vinyl LP


Release Date: 1 December, 2023

Bad Books is a collaborative project of Kevin Devine and Andy Hull's (Manchester Orchestra) collaborative project Bad Books, along with drummer Benjamin Homola and now including Manchester Orchestra's Robert McDowell. Bad Books is the self-titled first record of the project that launched the super group after years of touring together and collaborating unofficially. They released three full records, Bad Books, II and III, as well as the 10th Anniversary Issue of Bad Books featuring a second LP of live tracks. In Fall 2023, Bad Books also released two revisited songs from their second album II.

1. How This All Ends
2. The Easy Mark & The Old Maid
3. Baby Shoes
4. You're a Mirror I Cannot Avoid
5. Holding Down the Laughter
6. You Wouldn't Have to Ask
7. I Begged You Everything
8. Please Move
9. Mesa, AZ
10. Texas

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Vinyl LP