In Flames

Battles: Limited Edition CD Box Set


Release Date: 11 November, 2016


    • Limited Edition Double Gatefold 180 gm Yellow Vinyl.
    • Limited Edition Digipack CD.
    • 12" Photo Card, Poster, Sticker & Slipmat.
  • In a music scene full of seemingly endless subgenres and transient trends, In Flames are an example of what it means to steadfastly stay true to your vision. Since forming in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1990, the legendary melodic metal act has had six albums debut in the top ten in Sweden (including two #1 debuts), toured alongside everyone from Metallica to Judas Priest and influenced many of today's biggest metal acts without ever ceasing to push their own signature sound forward. In that spirit, the band's twelfth full-length Battles sees In Flames eschewing proven formulas in favor of trying new things, most notably finding a new collaborator in Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, The Used), who was brought into the band's coveted inner circle in order make Battles an album that will appeal to every type of In Flames fan.

  • In fact, although the band were only planning on recording 11 songs, they actually came away with 15 of them and this inspiration was partially due to Benson's influence on the overall process. “I think it really helped having a producer who could make us focus on what we needed to accomplish and keep us on track,” Fridén continues.That confidence and palpable excitement is dripping all over Battles from the instantly infectious “take the power back” anthem “The Truth” to the jaw-dropping technical brutality of “Through My Eyes” and distinctive groove and climactic chorus of the album's title track. In other words, the album sees the band making the hooks sharper, the riffs tighter and honing the overall attack in a way that parallels their legendary live shows in an unparalleled fashion.

    That relentless drive to innovate in light of their success is something that's been inherent in In Flames' approach from day one and it's something they've never lost sight of despite their countless accolades and constant reinventions. ”We decided early on we are going to do this band our way and aren't going to think about what the flavor of the month is,” explains Gelotte. “In the end we are the ones who are going to have to play these songs and stand behind them and, as long as we love what we do and make the listener feel it, then that's what makes it an In Flames song,” he continues. “That may sound like a cliché, but it's true. We need the music to be as interesting to us as it is to our fans because this has never just been a job for us, it's a way of life.”

  • Tracklist:
    Limited Edition Digipack CD
    1. Drained
    2. The End
    3. Like Sand
    4. The Truth
    5. In My Room
    6. Before I Fall
    7. Through My Eyes
    8. Battles
    9. Here Until Forever
    10. Underneath My Skin
    11. Wallflower
    12. Save Me

    Bonus Tracks
    13. Greatest Greed
    14. Us Against The World

    Limited Edition Double Gatefold 180 gm Yellow Vinyl
    Side A
    1. Drained
    2. The End
    3. Like Sand
    4. The Truth

    Side B
    1. In My Room
    2. Before I Fall
    3. Through My Eyes
    4. Battles
    5. Here Until Forever

    Side C
    1. Underneath My Skin
    2. Wallflower
    3. Save Me

    Side D (Bonus Tracks)
    1. Greatest Greed
    2. Us Against The World

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