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Saunder Jurriaans

Beasts: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 18 September, 2020

Singer, songwriter and composer Jurriaans is stepping into uncharted territory with his debut solo album ‘Beasts’, to be released this autumn on September 18th and it might be one of the most vulnerable, affecting and musically inventive records you’re likely to hear in 2020.

With ‘Beasts’, Jurriaans has succeeded in crafting a singular, personal record that is wholly his own. That’s what makes the album title an apt one. “Putting out music this intimate is scary,” he says. “It's a beast. The whole album is a beast and each song is a beast.”

1. All Just Talkin     
2. A Different Shade of the Same     
3. Easy Now     
4. The Small Follower     
5. Ghost Walk     
6. All The King's Men     
7. The Last Man Standing     
8. Brittle Bones     
9. I'm Afraid (I'm A Fake)     
10. The Three Of Me     
11. Miles To Go

Decca Records
Vinyl LP