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J Hus

Big Conspiracy: CD


Release Date: 7 February, 2020

Big Conspiracy blends African pop with Jamaican dance hall and reggae and the sounds of US and UK rap; a distinctive mix initially devised by Jae5 from a childhood spent between London and Ghana. The album refines the energy of Common Sense into a smoother but no less ingenious form. The music is relaxed and mostly upbeat, even when J Hus is describing tense situations and states of mind.

1    Big Conspiracy     
2    Helicopter     
3    Fight for Your Right     
4    Triumph     
5    Play Play     
6    Cucumber     
7    Repeat     
8    Fortune Teller     
9    Reckless     
10    No Denying     
11    Must Be     
12    One and Only     
13    Love, Peace and Prosperity     
14    Deeper Than Rap

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