Ben Böhmer

Bloom: CD


Release Date: 27 September, 2024

Ben Bohmer is a man compelled—a composer and producer who constantly seeks to give life to new ideas through his music. His new album Bloom is a reset, a confident reassertion of his own desires and more improvisational origins. It’s a bold swathe of styles and tempos that earlier tracks in his career feel like breadcrumbs to. In Bloom, we hear and feel Ben’s growth, the joyful pursuit of newness that obsessively pulls him back to the studio day after day, season after season. It features exciting collaborations with Lykke Li, Oh Wonder, Enfante Sauvage (one half of The Blaze), Erin LeCount, Malou, JONAH and Max Milner.


1. Martin
2. Hiding (feat. Lykke Li)
3. Best Life (feat. JONAH)
4. Memory Cassettes
5. Beautiful (feat. Malou)
6. Faithless (feat. Erin LeCount)
7. Rust
8. Evermore (feat. Enfant Sauvage)
9. Rain (feat. Max Milner)
10. The Sun (feat. Oh Wonder)
11. Blossoms

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