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The Live New Departures Jazz Poetry Septet

Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead: Vinyl Box Set


Release Date: 23 February, 2018

This magical box set features a unique collaboration of some of the UK’s finest modern jazz musicians, including the likes of pianist Stan Tracey and saxophonist Bobby Wellins, together with poets Pete Brown (co-writer/Cream) and Michael Horovitz (Britain’s Beat Laureate).

It features a live recording at Southampton University Campus of post-bop jazz, poetry, jazz poems and solo and exchange sound-poetry, as well as performances of the most ambitious work the Septet developed, Brown and Horovitz’s ‘Blues For The Hitchhiking Dead’. The events of that night were captured on a real-to-reel tape by the artist’s friend Victor Schonfield.

The box set contains a deluxe full size booklet containing photos, reminiscences, essays and memorabilia.

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Vinyl Box Set