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Dave East

Book Of David: Deluxe Edition Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 22 September, 2023

After receiving high demand from his core fanbase, Dave and his team decided to create a deluxe edition, which promises to be a must-have for any Hip Hop enthusiast. BOD (Book of David) deluxe features nine new songs and collaborations from Styles P, Millyz, Berner, B-Real, Katt Rockell and Derrick Millano.

The deluxe edition of BOD, is inspired by the craftsmanship of legendary MCs and lyricists. Created by Dave East and a team of talented producers including Buda & Grandz and Mike Kuz. This album pays homage to some of the most influential labels and producers in Hip Hop history, such as Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, Roc-A-Fella, Wu-Tang Clan, Dipset, and State Property. It is designed to set the tone for the Summer, while providing fans a glimpse into BOD 2 and Dave’s next single.


Side A
A1. 9 Out of 10
A2. Intuition
A3. Never Happened ft. Derrick Milano
A4. Feel Like ft. Katt Rockell
A5. Shaft
A7. GODbody ft. Millyz

Side B
B1. Prison Yard ft. Styles P
B2. 10 Toes ft. Berner, B-Real
B3. Pray
B4. Chills
B5. Trouble

Side C
C1. Rules
C2. Gangsta
C3. GODbody
C4. Seen A Lot
C5. Prison Yard
C6. Eyes Can See
C7. Egyptian Kings

Side D
D1. Aggravated
D2. Disrespectful
D3. 10 Toes (interlude)
D4. Call The Promoters
D5. Eternal ft. Mama Buda, Kiing Shooter
D6.HEAVY (bonus)

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