Holeg Spies

Brave New World: Orange Vinyl LP


Release Date: 6 October, 2023

Holeg Spies’ 7th album BRAVE NEW WORLD is a new step towards his creation of an immersive sound world intermixing his various music influences. The album features collaborations with YOUTH (Killing Joke, The Orb, producer of Pink Floyd and The Verve), well known Dub producer GAUDI, renown Australian percussionist RIP VAN HIPPY, psychedelic dub artist KUBA and French Goa-trance pioneer THIERRY GOTTI (Spectral/Blue Room).

This unshackled album escapes all classification, getting lost in the confines of Electronic, Progressive Rock, Dub, Ambient, Symphonic and Psychedelic music. French trail-blazer electronic artist, Holeg’s 30-year music exploration has taken him from the early days of techno productions to composing music for films. Touring Europe and Japan, where he was regularly invited to perform thanks to JUNO REACTOR, Holeg crossed paths with his first filmmaker, the notorious TAKASHI MIIKE, for whom he made an audiovisual remix of one of his most famous films, ICHI THE KILLER in 2001. His film music duo SAVAGE & SPIES created the soundtrack for the cult classic THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, BLACKSITE, a $15M thriller by the producers of SICARIO & JOHN WICK and ABRUPTIO starring Oscar-winner JORDAN PEELE. Released on Liquid Sound Design in 2021, his latest opus AXIS MUNDI RELOAD was based on personal immersive journeys in the steppes of Mongolia and among the Hopi tribe in Arizona and features collaborations with YOUTH as well as JAIA and DF TRAM.

Silva Screen
Vinyl LP