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Roses Kings Castles

British Plastic: CD


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Release Date: 7 November, 2011

Musician, producer and DJ Adam Ficek is most commonly known to the general public for his drumming and songwriting in notorious British rock act Babyshambles. As a member of the band fronted by Pete Doherty, the most talked- and written-about rock star of our time, Adam has seen the best and worst of life at the casualty-laden core of the music industry, but what many people don’t know is he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist who writes and performs beautifully crafted songs under the nom-de-plume of RKC, formerly Roses Kings Castles Originally conceived as a creative outlet whilst Babyshambles were on holiday, RKC has become something more than a means of occupying himself during down time. The early Roses Kings Castles sound lay somewhere between Belle & Sebastian’s pastoral warmth and the hallucinatory six-string invocations of Syd Barrett, and managed to blissfully combine astute acoustic pop melodies with the finest elements of classic British songwriting.

Adam's eponymus debut album has sold more than 5,000 copies since its release in September 2008. Since then a continous tour around the UK, Europe and America has seen him picking up many new fans across the globe. Following the release of a 6 track limited edition cassette only release in May 2009, Adam re-entered the studio and cut a number of tracks. The first fruits of his labour were released as the 'Apples & Engines' EP in late 2009. 2010 saw the release of Suburban Time Bombs and the concluding of his time in Babyshambles, which reaffirmed the critics of his rightful place as an established songwriter and enabled RKC to be Adam’s full time venture.

With the band becoming his sole focus ‘Roses Kings Castles’ became the abbreviated ‘RKC’ and Adam started work on his third album ‘British plastic’.

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