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Local Natives

But I'll Wait For You: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 7 June, 2024

Local Natives music exudes a dreamy atmosphere with a rich & luscious sound. There's a subtle touch of melancholy & emotional depth that resonates with true honesty. Their immersive record, But I'll Wait For You, not only confronts life changes head on, but also revels in its most gratifying moments. The album stands as a companion piece to Time Will Wait For No One. Check out the gorgeous & jaw-dropping first single, "April", adding a poignant note with the refrain "April, now you know"... 


01. Alpharetta
02. Throw It In The Fire
03. Neon Memory
04. Camera Shy
05. As Soon As You Arrive 
06. Ending Credits
07. Raincoat #
08. April
09. Walk Before You Run
10. But I'll Wait For You 

Loma Vista
Vinyl LP