2021 London Cast of Cabaret

Cabaret: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 17 February, 2023

The highly-anticipated, original cast recording of one of the most successful shows of all time: the newly-revived hit musical CABARET, brought to you from the KIT KAT CLUB in London’s West End. Recorded during a live performance, with the exceptional in-house band at the KIT KAT CLUB, the award-winning original cast stars Oscar, Golden Globe, BAFTA, Tony and Olivier award winner Eddie Redmayne as ‘The Emcee’ and British Independent Film award winner, BAFTA and 2022 Mercury Prize nominee Jessie Buckley as ‘Sally Bowles’. Here, the atmosphere and energy of the show is captured perfectly, for the very first time.

1. Willkommen (Eddie Redmayne as ‘The Emcee’)     
2. So What (Liza Sadovy as ‘Fraulein Schneider’)     
3. Don't Tell Mama (Jessie Buckley as ‘Sally Bowles’)     
4. Mein Herr (Jessie Buckley)     
5. Perfectly Marvellous (Jessie Buckley, Omari Douglas as ‘Cliff Bradshaw’)     
6. Two Ladies (Eddie Redmayne, Sally Frith as ‘Frenchie’, Sophie Maria Wojna as ‘Rosie’)     
7. It Couldn't Please Me More (Liza Sadovy, Elliot Levey as ‘Herr Schultz’)     
8. Tomorrow Belongs To Me (Eddie Redmayne)     
9. Maybe This Time (Jessie Buckley)     
10. Money (Eddie Redmayne)     
11. Married (Elliot Levey, Liza Sadovy, Anna Jane Casey as ‘Fraulein Kost’)     
12. Tomorrow Belongs To Me – Reprise (Anna Jane Casey, Stewart Clarke as ‘Ernst Ludwig’)     
13. Kickline     
14. If You Could See Her (Eddie Redmayne)     
15. What Would You Do? (Liza Sadovy)     
16. I Don't Care Much (Eddie Redmayne)     
17. Cabaret (Jessie Buckley)     
18. Finale (Omari Douglas, Eddie Redmayne)

Decca Records
Vinyl LP