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Can't Stop the Dawn: Signed Clear + Green Marble Vinyl LP


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'Can't Stop The Dawn' is the debut album from rising UK songwriter, guitarist and producer, Eleni Drake.

The album follows a breakthrough 2020 for Drake, following the luscious and acclaimed 'Vanilla Sky' EP and a series of viral YouTube covers of tracks from Lana Del Rey and Mac Miller, performed by Drake in her signature style of smoky vocal coupled with jazzy and breezy electric guitar. Honing her sound and compositional approach further, 'Can't Stop The Dawn' sees Eleni Drake handle the majority of the instrumentation, vocals, recording, mixing and engineering herself.

"This album was written with the intention to self heal whilst writing about past or current experiences," explains Eleni Drake. "Life is ever changing, and there will always be an amalgamation of emotions moving with it. One blooms from sadness or hardships, and moves onto better paths from either lessons learned or tumultuous experiences. Though the album fixates on more sorrowful emotions, it is actually laced with hints of positivity that builds a metaphorical step ladder into rising up and to keep moving forward."

The album was written and produced by Drake during winter 2020 into 2021 and is comprised of 9 tracks of graceful, hushed yet still spiky alternative indie folk neo soul. Inspired by artists including American Football, Mazzy Star and Bon Iver, Eleni Drake's beautiful electric guitar playing and solemn & focussed vocals unify a diverse set of sunrise and sunset tunes.

Drake elaborates, "most of this album is about my relationship with myself and my own personal perceptions of me, and trying to gain my confidence and love for life back. 'Can’t Stop The Dawn' is born from accepting that, no matter what is happening in your world, one cannot stop time, or reverse it, or change what has been done; we can only move forward and the only thing we can change is our next path, not our previous one. Make peace with your past."

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