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Release Date: 1 June, 2018

Each generation gives birth to its own disruptor. Like a force of nature, this game-changer descends on pop culture, shakes up perceptions, and dispels everything previously thought to be true. It happened with N.W.A. It happened with Marilyn Manson. It happened with Eminem. It’s happening again with XXXTentacion—pronounced Eks - Eks - Eks - Ten - Tah - See - Ohn. The 19-year-old Broward County artist bends and breaks genre barriers, stirring together a brew of rap, R&B, punk rock, and metal that snaps without warning from moments of emotional crooning to cathartic screams like the musical equivalent of Wolverine. Up to this point, his story remains just as characteristically wild as his style… XXXTentacion associated singing with therapy from a very early age. Born Jahseh D. Onfroy in South Florida with “a melting pot of Jamaican, Syrian, and Italian” heritage, he vividly recalls the cathartic.

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