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Celia: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 22 March, 2019

Celia recorded four self-titled albums for Continental between 1971 and 1977, ‘Amor’ in 1982 plus several more before she sadly passed away late in 2017, aged 70. This is her debut album from 1970.

Celia was a Brazilian vocalist who worked frequently with master arranger composer Arthur Verocai in her early years and many other heavyweights over the course of her extensive career. Joyce was particularly supportive in the making of this album, writing the beautiful “Abrace Paul McCartney” and her husband at the time, Nelson Angelo, recorded some of the songs.

Features an exclusive insert of a translated interview with Celia, completed in 2011 in her hometown of Sao Paulo. Focusing, in particular on her recording work with Arthur Verocai, it showcases her wonderful sense of humour and how she was embracing her new legion of fans, particularly in the world of hip hop.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed from Warner Music.

Mr Bongo
Vinyl LP