Kensuke Ushio

Chainsaw Man (OST): Limited Red/Black Splatter Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 3 May, 2024

From the studio of Attack on Titan, comes a new show - CHAINSAW MAN. Since its series premiere 3 weeks ago, it is clear to be the year’s biggest anime launch, also shown in the tremendous success of its opening track KICK BACK by Kenshi Yonezu. We have launched the vinyl forecast for Chainsaw Man (Original Series Soundtrack). This vinyl includes score highlights by Kensuke Ushio from the hit series The soundtrack album by Kensuke Ushio taps into different styles whilst at the core reflecting the action-gore story with lots of electronic & industrial beats and fast-paced melodies. As a contrast, the focus track "that's a dream come true" is a slow-vibing piano track with electronic beats that shows the rare but intense emotional scenes in the show. Kensuke Ushio started his solo career in 2007 under “agraph”. and creates electronic music. He has worked on music for animation TV series, music in advertising and movies such as: A Silent Voice, Devilman Crybaby, Space Dandy, Liz and the Blue Bird, Japan Sinks 2020, Heike Story and now Chainsaw Man.



1. edge of chainsaw
2. the door
3. imagine devils
4. the devil hunter
5. rain
6. nail-biter
7. black despair
8. that's a dream come true
9. special division 4
10. livingroom


1. looking for something
2. chainsaw attacks!
3. the devil appears
4. destroy them all
5. good night,boy
6. sweet dreams
8. 100% sales tax
9. kick ass!
10. the golden bowlers
11. search and destroy
12. death cluster
13. run
14. confront
15. humans are fools


1. buddy
2. song for unbirthday
3. verge of death
4. nmgeai
5. dream... come true?
6. you were here
7. ave xxxxxx
8 sepia
9. in the bullet train
10. brutal life
11. he's on the back foot
12. arg.
13. pain in the ass


1. stranger in paranoid
2. pong pong pong
3. stay in the darkness
4. crawler
5. brotherhood
6. gun,knife
7. a tombstone
8. tear off
9. metal riser
10. sword of hunter
11. the end of childhood

Vinyl LP