Big Star

Complete Third: 3CD


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Includes Every Demo, Rough Mix, Outtake, Alternate Take and Final Master KNOWN TO EXIST for Big Star’s Legendary Third Album.
29 Previously Unissued Tracks
Essay by Bud Scoppa Extensive Notes From Original Participants and Artists Deeply Influenced by Big Star

“The small but rabid cult of Big Star, composed initially of rock critics and hometown Memphis hipsters, coalesced around 1972’s #1 Record, which supercharged the legacy of the Beatles and Byrds, and 1974’s Radio City, which brought additional attitude and poignancy to the recipe. The shimmering brilliance of Big Star’s sound and songs on those two LPs, along with its underdog allure, would have been sufficient to perpetuate the band’s legend. But there was a third album, and that strange beast of a record made all the difference for subsequent generations of fans—many of whom formed bands of their own—who turned each other on to this music as if it were a secret religion or a trippy new drug.” - Bud Scoppa’s Complete Third liner notes “Ask any of the original participants who made the record, and none of them would say they expected this album to even see a real release, much less end up on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 best albums of all time… It's an amazing snapshot of the artists and the times and circumstances in which the recordings were made. It's a great testament to Third that an album that almost nobody was interested in at the time of its pressing, is now loved and sought out by an ever growing legion of fans. I guess that's called ‘ahead of its time.’” - Adam Hill’s Complete Third liner notes After more than a decade of looking for additional music beyond the original album that is Big Star’s Third, the search is now over. While some demos and alternate versions of songs have dribbled out over the years across various compilations, all extant recordings made for the album are presented here for the first time in Complete Third. The collection boasts 69 total tracks, 28 of which are previously unheard session recordings, demos and alternate mixes made by producer Jim Dickinson and engineer John Fry. The set allows the listener to track the creation of the album from the original demos, through sessions to rough mixes made by Dickinson and Fry, to the final masters of each song. Besides the contextualizing main essay from writer/A&R man, Bud Scoppa, extensive notes from original participants and artists influenced by Big Star are also included: Mary Lindsay Dickinson, Mitch Easter, Adam Hill, Elizabeth A. Hoehn, Susanna Hoffs, Peter Holsapple, Gary Louris, Mike Mills, Cheryl Pawelski, Debbi Peterson, Pat Rainer, Danny Graflund, Jeff Rougvie, Pat Sansone, Chris Stamey, Jody Stephens, John Stirratt, Ken Stringfellow and Steve Wynn.

Vol. 1 Demos To Sessions To Roughs
1. Like St. Joan (Kanga Roo) (Big Star) Demo
2. Lovely Day (Big Star) Demo
3. Downs (Big Star) Demo
4. Femme Fatale (Big Star) Demo
5. Thank You Friends (Big Star) Demo
6. Holocaust (Big Star) Demo
7. Jesus Christ (Big Star) Demo
8. Blue Moon (Big Star) Demo
9. Nightime (Big Star) Demo
10. Take Care (Big Star) Demo
11. Big Black Car (Big Star) Demo #2/Acoustic Take 1
12. Don't Worry Baby (Big Star)
13. I'm In Love With A Girl (Big Star)
14. Big Black Car (Big Star) Demo #3/Acoustic Take 2
15. I'm So Tired (Alex & Lesa)
16. That's All It Took (Alex & Lesa)
17. Pre-Downs (Big Star)
18. Baby Strange (Big Star)
19. Big Black Car (Big Star) Demo #1/Band
20. Kizza Me (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal
21. Till The End Of The Day (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal
22. Thank You Friends (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal
23. O, Dana (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
24. Dream Lover (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix

Vol. 2: Roughs To Demos
1. Big Black Car (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix/Alex Guide Vocal
2. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
3. Take Care (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
4. Holocaust (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
5. Nightime (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
6. Thank You Friends (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
7. Nature Boy (Big Star) Dickinson Rough Mix
8. After Hours ( Lesa)
9. Stroke It Noel (Big Star) Backwards Intro
10. Lovely Day (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
11. Nightime (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
12. Blue Moon (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
13. Till The End Of The Day (Big Star) Alternate Mix #1
14. Big Black Car (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
15. Holocaust (Big Star) Fry Alternate/Rough Mix
16. Downs (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
17. Kanga Roo (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
18. Femme Fatale (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
19. For You (Big Star) Alternate Version/Alex Vocal
20. Thank You Friends (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
21. Take Care (Big Star) (Alternative Version/Alex Vocal)
22. Kizza Me (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
23. Till The End Of The Day ( Lesa) Fry Rough Mix #2/( Lesa) Vocals
24. Nature Boy (Big Star) Fry Rough Mix
25. Mañana (Big Star)

Vol. 3: Final Masters
1. Stroke It Noel (Big Star)
2. Downs (Big Star)
3. Femme Fatale (Big Star)
4. Thank You Friends (Big Star)
5. Holocaust (Big Star)
6. Jesus Christ (Big Star)
7. Blue Moon (Big Star)
8. Kizza Me (Big Star)
9. For You (Big Star)
10. O, Dana (Big Star)
11. Nightime (Big Star)
12. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (Big Star)
13. Kanga Roo (Big Star)
14. Take Care (Big Star)
15. Big Black Car (Big Star)
16. Dream Lover (Big Star)
17. You Can't Have Me (Big Star)
18. Till The End Of The Day (Big Star)
19. Lovely Day (Big Star)
20. Nature Boy (Big Star)

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