Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud: Limited Edition Colour Vinyl Box Set


Release Date: 27 October, 2023

Emerging from the explosion of heavy metal that began in the early ‘80s, Doro Pesch has been tireless in her devotion to the metal cause for four decades. In 2023, she celebrates 40 years of active service, with two special anniversary live shows and, most importantly, a brand-new studio album that looks certain to be regarded as one of her best.

DORO’s campaign of heavy metal heroism began in earnest back in 1983, with the recording of Burning The Witches, the debut album by WARLOCK. Still in her teens, DORO was immediately recognisable as the consummate metal frontwoman, with a powerhouse voice and endless charisma. Plus, the music she made kicked a ridiculous amount of ass. DORO’s big breakthrough came in August 1986 when WARLOCK performed at the Monsters Of Rock festival at Castle Donington, with SCORPIONS, MOTÖRHEAD, DEF LEPPARD and OZZY OSBOURNE also appearing. The first woman to perform on the Monsters Of Rock stage, she sealed her iconic status at that very moment, and has never looked back since.

Like many big metal artists, DORO had to negotiate changing times in the ‘90s, when grunge became the sound of the decade and traditional metal experienced a downturn in fortunes. Once again proving her commitment to the music she loves, DORO forged ahead with albums that toyed with newer styles of heaviness, without sacrificing any of the power and passion that made her so successful in the first place. From 1990’s DORO, produced by KISS legend Gene Simmons, to the soulful True At Heart and Angels Never Die and the even industrial influenced 1998 record Love Me In Black, she weathered the storm with style and grace. When heavy metal came roaring back in the 21st century, DORO was ready and prepared to reclaim her throne, armed with 2000’s true metal bonanza Calling The Wild. Demonstrating a relentless work ethic, she has spent the last 20 years releasing further thunderous, anthem-packed records like Fight, Fear No Evil and Raise Your Fist, delighting and thrilling her international fan base in the process. 

In 2022, she was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, having already received an Echo, the Metal Goddess Legend Award in Las Vegas, the Legend Award in England and Germany, the Angel Of Rock Award in England and awards as the “sexiest woman alive”, among others. She has also been voted Best Female Vocalist in Spain for 30 years in a row, and was inducted into the Hall Of Heavy Metal History in the United States. Thanks to an unwavering work ethic and dedication to the metal cause, DORO has performed over 3,000 concerts in more than 60 countries.

In 2018, DORO released Forever Warriors, Forever United, a colossal, two-album extravaganza that loudly proclaimed the Metal Queen’s greatness from the rooftops. Five years later, she has completed work on the follow-up. Due for release later in 2023, the new album bears a title that neatly sums up DORO’s unique reputation: Conqueress: Forever Strong & Proud. A tour-de-force of melodic metal and high-octane hard rock, Conqueress maintains the high standards set on Forever Warriors, Forever United, while also adding more diversity to DORO’s songwriting sensibilities. At its heart, Conqueress is a big, bold heavy metal record, with songs like epic opener ´Children Of The Dawn´, the gritty ´I Will Prevail´ and fiery first single ´Time For Justice´ offering gleaming updates of DORO’s trademark sound. Elsewhere, she dabbles deftly with ultra-catchy radio-rock on ´Bond Unending´ (a duet with Sammy Amara from German rock heavyweights THE BROILERS), spiky rock’n’roll on ´Lean Mean Rock Machine´, and brooding melodrama on the bittersweet ´Love Breaks Chains´. The fruits of another lengthy stint in the studio, Conqueress confirms that DORO is at the peak of her powers. While fans will undoubtedly be expecting plenty of balls-out heavy metal from the new record, it is equally true that no DORO record is complete without at least one heart-shattering ballad. On Conqueress, the sumptuous, orchestral mirage of ´Best In Me´ is instantly identifiable as one of the greatest ballads of the singer’s career. And the English / German song ´Fels in der Brandung´ will very much appeal to every fan that loves DORO's heartfelt anthem ´Für immer'.

Another song guaranteed to spark a positive reaction is an uproarious and wildly uplifting cover of JUDAS PRIEST’s immortal ´Living After Midnight´, featuring vocals from DORO and Rob Halford, the Metal God himself. For DORO, recording the song was a sweet reminder of how far she’s come, and an exciting opportunity to join forces with one of her all-time vocal heroes in the studio.

In addition to its 14 songs, Conqueress will be released a generous serving of bonus tracks. Among them, yet more of DORO’s razor-sharp metal anthems, and a monstrous cover of METALLICA’s ´The Four Horsemen´.

As she prepares to celebrate her 40th anniversary, DORO has allowed herself to look back and marvel at all the ups, downs and achievements that have made her journey such an exciting and eventful one. The world has changed immeasurably since 1983, for good and bad, but DORO is eager to celebrate one mark of progress in particular.

DORO will celebrate 40 years of heavy metal magic later this year, both with the release of Conqueress and two exclusive live shows: in Düsseldorf, DORO’s home town, and a top-of-the-bill spot at Wacken Open Air. As she and her loyal band have proved beyond doubt over the last few years, the stage is DORO’s natural habitat and the fans are the inspirational blood coursing through her veins. Armed with one of the most diverse and explosive records of her career, she arrives at this impressive milestone with the wind still in her sails. You can’t kill rock ‘n’ roll, and you definitely can’t stop the Conqueress. Forever strong and proud! Long live the Metal Queen!

2CD Digipack Tracklisting:

CD1:1.Children Of The Dawn/2.Fire In The Sky/3.Living After Midnight (feat Rob Halford)/4.All For You/5.Lean Mean Rock Machine/6.I Will Prevail/7.Bond Unending (Feat Sammy Amara)/8.Time For Justice/9Fels In Der Brandung/10.Love Breaks Chains/11.Drive Me Wild/12.Rise/13.Best In Me (New Version)/14.Heavenly Creatures/15.Total Eclipse Of The Heart (feat Rob Halford)

CD2:1.Warlocks And Witches (Intro)/2.Horns Up High/3.True Metal Maniacs/4.Heart In Pain/5.The Four Horsemen

LP Track Listing:

Disc 1 (Blue Transparent Splattered with Black Vinyl):Side A: 1.Children Of The Dawn/2.Fire In The Sky/3.Living After Midnight (feat Rob Halford)/4.All For You/5.Lean Mean Rock Machine
Side B:1.I Will Prevail/2.Bond Unending (feat Sammy Amara)/3.Time For Justice/4.Fels In Der Brandung/5.Love Breaks Chains

LP Track Listing:Disc 2 (Red Transparent Splattered with Black Vinyl):Side C:1.Drive Me Wild/2.Rise/3.Best In Me (Old Version)/4.Heavenly Creatures/5.Warlocks And Witches (Outro)
Side D:1.Etched  + Pendant, Poster,Patch and Pick.

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