J. Bernardt

Contigo: CD


Release Date: 17 May, 2024

Jinte Deprez embarked on his second solo album, under is moniker J. Bernardt, with a vivid image in his head: “The main character is a John Lennon wannabe who wants to play Twin Peaks. In the background, Tarantino waves a Tchaikovsky record at the film composer and shouts, ‘Make it viciously romantic!’, I don’t know if it turned out that way…”. Despite the whimsical imagery, the album, titled "Contigo" (Spanish for "with you"), emerged as a serious endeavour, serving as a therapeutic outlet for Deprez to navigate the aftermath of a long-term relationship breakup. ‘Contigo’ delves into the emotional rollercoaster of heartbreak, exploring stages from shock to acceptance with a blend of drama and sophistication.

Best known for his role in Balthazar, Deprez's solo project allowed him to both focus and expand his musical vision. ‘Contigo’ draws on a diverse range of influences, including pop, soul, funk, and Spaghetti Western soundtracks, reflecting Deprez's love for artists like Serge Gainsbourg or Ennio Morricone. The album serves as a soundtrack for lost and wounded lovers, narrated with both heartache and resilience, capturing Deprez's personal journey with a blend of melancholy and humor.

Through ‘Contigo’, Deprez channels his feelings into a rich and multifaceted work, revealing his vulnerabilities while showcasing his exceptional skill set as a singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer. The album's exploration of life's complexities extends beyond mere romantic loss, touching on broader themes of self-discovery and introspection.


1. Rio
2. Taxi
3. Don’t Get Me Wrong
4. Last Waltz
5. Contigo
6. Matter Of Time
7. Mayday Call
8. Left Bathroom Sink
9. I’m The Ghost You Forgot
10. Our Love Was Easy
11. Free

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