Continuation: Vinyl LP


Release Date: 21 February, 2020

Collocutor enter a new decade with the timeless, introspective Continuation.

Continuation is a remarkable work in which the interplay of emotional experience and life motion experienced by band leader Tamar Osborn [AKA Tamar Collocutor] is channelled and explored by Collocutor.

The band’s third LP assuredly strides forward following the critical acclaim awarded to ‘The Search’ from 2017 from the likes of The Wire, Vinyl Factory and Gilles Peterson. Continuation is an album about coping with grief and loss/bereavement: The music charts the many (and sometimes surprising) emotional states encountered, moving from acknowledgement, trying to keep ‘normal’ life going, the need to sometimes put a pause button on the world/existence and let the waves of feelings crash and roll, sudden anger & confusion, finally to moving (perhaps with uncertainty) forward.

Tamar Osborn has led Collocutor through a line-up shift from septet to quintet for Continuation. The modified line-up creates space for the musicians to express themselves through the shadows of Continuation's movement. The quintet allows for more group improvisation, based on just a few motifs and thereby giving the musicians more space to converse. The tracks Lost & Found and in particular the album’s title track, Continuation (the only piece with 3 horns) hark back to the intricate arrangements of ‘The Search’. It’s a deeply personal album, the writing of which acted as Tamar's way of processing and understanding experience and the need to channel feeling.

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Vinyl LP