Joy Anonymous

Cult Classics: Limited Yellow Vinyl LP + CD


Release Date: 3 November, 2023

Recorded over the course of the past 12 months, Joy Anonymous present their second album ‘Cult Classics’.

The blueprint for Cult Classics was laid down over a two-week span. It was an organic and creatively fulfilling approach, one that didn’t allow any of the music to get stale or stagnate. Bursting with multi-genre reference points and disparate influences, Cult Classics is very much a dance album: the album follows the beat of a night out, from frenetic, sweaty movement to the gentler winding down as the dawn breaks. At times it is euphoric, celebratory and pure, whirling fun, at others it seeks the joy in the darker emotions that life throws our way.

140G Yellow Vinyl, With Printed Inner and Printed Outer Single Sleeve

Cult Classics Tracklist

1. (JOY) Beezley’s Poem
2. (JOY) (404)
3. (JOY) In Me All The Time
4. (JOY) Party Up The Street
5. (JOY) A Place I Belong
6. (JOY) How We End Up Here
7. (JOY) Head To The Sky
8. (JOY) Make Some Noise
9. (JOY) I Did You Wrong
10. (JOY) Sea Bird
11. (JOY) Breathe Into Me
12. (JOY) Weight Wings
13. (JOY) Now That It’s Over
14. (JOY) You’re In Or You’re Out

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