Steven Price

David Attenborough - A Life On Our Planet: Vinyl LP


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David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is the breath-taking new soundtrack which accompanies Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary of the same name.

The soundtrack release not only features stunning cinematic music from Academy Award-winning composer Steven Price but also the voice of Sir David Attenborough himself, whose long career as a broadcaster and natural historian has highlighted urgent conservation issues impacting our natural world. Price has developed a deeply moving soundtrack score, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London in 2019 with sessions attended by Sir David.


  1. Mistakes
  2. To Have Adventures
  3. Evolution Undone
  4. The Wild Is Finite
  5. The Whole of Humanity
  6. The Process of Extinctions
  7. A Shared Conscience
  8. Nothing to Stop Us
  9. Life’s Talent for Change
  10. An Unknown World
  11. A Devastating Impact
  12. A Place Beyond Imagination
  13. My Witness Statement
  14. I Would Feel Guilty
  15. We Must Rewild the World
  16. A Greater Opportunity
  17. Eternal Energies of Nature
  18. Within Our Power
  19. More From Less
  20. Saving Ourselves
  21. With or Without Us
  22. Imagining the Future
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