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HiFi Sean +
David McAlmont

Daylight: CD


Release Date: 21 June, 2024

HiFi Sean & David McAlmont announce their new album “Daylight” which comes out on ‘first day of Summer’ June 21st 2024 through Plastique Recordings.

The album will be released on LP, CD and digital download. The deluxe Ltd 'Neon Orange' Vinyl Edition has a bonus orange flexi-disc with the track 'Orange Sunshine', a signed art print and a downloadable lyric book. It follows their acclaimed 2023 debut, Happy Ending.

The exhilarating journey of twelve songs on Daylight celebrates, expresses and explores the colours and feel of summer. It will be the first of two albums from the duo in 2024 with the nocturnal sister album, Twilight, released on the first day of Winter, Dec 1st.


1. Daylight
2. Sun Come Up
3. Coalition
4. You Are My
5. Meantime
6. Golden Hour
7. Sad Banger
9. Summery
10. Living Things
11. Celebrate
12. The Show

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