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Deutsche Elektronische Musik - Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1972-83: 2CD


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Release Date: 30 March, 2018

Soul Jazz Records’ new 2018 edition of their long out of print classic first ‘Deutsche Elektronische Musik: Experimental German Rock And Electronic Music 1972-83’ is “a near-definitive guide to some of the world’s most extraordinary music” - The Guardian.

The album features a stunning line up of groups including Cluster, Can, Faust, Popol Vuh, Neu!, Amon Düül, Harmonia, La Düsseldorf and Tangerine Dream, as well as a host of lesser known groups such as Kollectiv, Ibliss, Between and many more. This new edition is fully remastered and features all the original artwork and tracks.
Double CD Album