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DJ Boring

DJ-Kicks - DJ Boring: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 12 July, 2024

“Universal.” That is the word that Tristan Hallis proudly states when describing his inaugural entry into DJ-Kicks’ storied lineage. As DJ BORING, the Australian DJ and producer has forged a vibrant and illustrious career that has taken him to all corners of the globe. Unlike his puckish alias, Hallis has earned a cherished reputation for his effervescent stage presence and bombastic sets, which take in a hi-NRG flow of oddball techno, Chicago house, future funk and the emotional depths of melodic trance and ambient music. 
Fittingly, his DJ-Kicks mix is a winding journey through the moods, sounds and eras that coloured Hallis’ complex inner world during the compilation process. “Trying to compile this put me in a pretty strange headspace. To be honest, I was trying to compile a vast range of stuff so I just needed to be on my own to focus on it. I stayed in one day and then finished it off in my studio” Hallis explains. “Then I just totally zoned in – it all came spilling out of me.” “At first, I was going to do something completely different – it was just going to be dance music! But I think a lot of people like the at-home listening aspect, and that really resonated with me – it’s what I enjoy. I want people to feel that they can put the mix on at the start of their night, while they’re cooking dinner, before ramping up a bit before going out.” 
Likewise, Hallis’ own approach to his DJ-Kicks selections is informed by the foundational tenets of the genre, where soulful melodies and grooves interact to build a feeling of euphoria. It’s a creative approach inspired by Moodymann’s iconic 2016 DJ-Kicks recording, in which the Motor City icon simmers slow soul, jazz and funk to a boil, releasing a melange of life-affirming house tunes. “When I first moved to London, my friend and I would play this at work, because it came out around that time. We just had an obsession with DJ-Kicks and Moodymann was our favourite. It’s all about the slow burn that then perfectly meshes into this energetic dancefloor area. I wanted to do my own version of that,” he says. 
“This DJ-Kicks mix is my personality to a tee,” smiles Hallis, relishing the creative freedom of exploring myriad emotional territories as a DJ. “It’s a perfect balance of everything that I love; it’s hopeful and meditative, but also fun. I hope people listen to it front to back and go on the journey – because it goes everywhere.”

This release is pressed on 100% GVR vinyl made from bioplastics derived from renewable resources. 


A1. DJ BORING - You Luv Me 
A2. Patrick Holland - Fried 
A3. Sally C - All Love 
B1. Cameo Blush - Art Of Worry 
B2. DJ BORING - N15 
B3. Sfire - Sfire6 
C1. Burnski - Pacific 
C2. Leo Pol - I’d Rather Be Getget 
D1. Bambounou - Expensive Discogs House 
D2. Matisa - Balet 

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Vinyl LP