Dostrotime: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 1 March, 2024

Dostrotime is Squarepusher-style fun. Heavy, intense, tear out experimental electronic music for the sheer exhilaration of it. Unapologetically, one for the Squarepunter Massive!

In early 2020, Squarepusher had just released Be Up A Hello to huge acclaim, and was gearing up for a worldwide tour featuring some of his biggest shows to date. Then the pandemic hit, and it was all off… Devoid of distractions, naturally the artist headed to the studio to begin recording. He says that “[...]Without customary interruptions, time elapsed differently”. It’s an episode he’s dubbed “Dostrotime”. As such, Dostrotime is an attempt to capture the peculiarity of music catalysed by lockdown being part of the celebration of lockdown’s demise.

2LP Tracklist:

A1. Arkteon 1
A2. Enbounce
A3. Wendorlan
B1. Duneray
B2. Kronmec
B3. Arkteon 2
C1. Holorform
C2. Akkranen
C3. Stromcor
D1. Domelash
D2. Heliobat
D3. Arkteon 3

Vinyl LP