Hello Cosmos

Dream Harder: Signed Vinyl LP


Release Date: 29 January, 2021

On their debut LP, Hello Cosmos want to shake humanity out of the comatose, fearful and isolated world it currently lives-in and dare to dream of a new and utopian one that awaits tomorrow. Fusing sound and vision, art and activism, multimedia and technology; ‘Dream Harder’ encourages people to use technology and not be used by it, while beaming a resounding message of positivity to counter a year otherwise consumed by inescapable negativity. Harnessing a cataclysm of sounds that owe as much to the snarling post-punk of the Fall as they do to the robotic future-facing electronica of the DFA Records canon, its tracks would feel as at home in a moshpit as they would on a dancefloor; it’s a record that looks to reunite their long-since departed crowds under one virtual roof. With over 20 collaborators across the LP, ‘Dream Harder’ is confirmed to feature guests including: James Smith - lead vocalist in Yard Act, Ila of Tallsaint & Loux fame, Emma Banks of Galaxians, Emily Ingham of Mi Mye, and many more. “Times are tough, horizons are doom and gloom but our reality is driven by our focus and our intentions. That’s why we are releasing Dream Harder now. We need to remain dreamers, we need to think our way through, we need to hold our dreams, not our fears, in our minds. This album is packed with energy, positivity and raw emotion. It’s a gift from us to you. It’s been created for fun, for reflection and to pass forward the ecstatic moments of life we have shared. It’s music and to us music is about taking the dark moments and making some light. It’s about sharing an emotion, getting it off your chest and putting it out there for other people to connect with so they can know they are not on their own with their feelings. It’s about connection & compassion, the core of the human experience. It’s about Dreaming Harder…..”
Cosmic Glue
Vinyl LP