Howard Jones

Dream Into Action: Vinyl LP + Signed Art Card


Release Date: 28 April, 2023

Released in March 1985, ‘Dream Into Action’ reached #2 in the UK Album Charts and achieved Gold Album status. Like its predecessor ‘Human’s Lib’, it contained four Top 20 hit singles; ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ reached #6, ‘Look Mama’ achieved #10, ‘Life In One Day’, #14 and ‘No One Is To Blame’, at #16.

‘Dream Into Action’ also enjoyed massive international success; particularly in the USA where it reached #10 in the Billboard Album charts achieving Platinum status. It spawned three Billboard Top 20 hit singles including ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ which reached #5, ‘Life In One Day’, #19 and a re-recorded version of ‘No-One Is To Blame’ featuring Phil Collins on backing vocals and drums (produced by Hugh Padgham) which gave Howard his biggest ever US hit single reaching #4.


Side A

1 Things Can Only Get Better
2 Life in One Day
3 Dream Into Action
4 No One Is To Blame
5 Look Mama
6 Assault And Battery

Side B

1 Automaton
2 Is There A Difference?
3 Elegy
4 Specialty
5 Why Look For The Key
6 Hunger For The Flesh

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