G Flip

Drummer: Clear Vinyl LP


Sorry Sold Out

“When I was searching for an idol as a kid I couldn’t find someone that resonated with me. All the females on the screen were sexy or sexualised. I struggled with my sexual identity and gender identity for years and years because there wasn’t representation for me when I was younger.

I wish I had a non-binary, gay, lead singing drummer to watch because it would have calmed the dark confused voices in my head that told me I didn’t belong anywhere as my authentic self. If I am able to calm those voices for someone else, my job on the planet is done.

The New Music hits harder: There are more drums, its tougher, there’s angst, there’s way more rock influence which actually makes sense as that’s always been what I grew up listening to and playing. Its grittier. I wanna be a voice for the non-binary/ queer community. I wanna fill the gap as the next lead singing drummer. I wanna make art that matters.”

Originally a session drummer by trade, their music starts from the drums up. Lyrically, G Flip writes of relationships, heartbreak, and acceptance. Authentic, relatable, and always energetic, G Flip is a bonafide powerhouse.


Side 1:
1. 7 Days
2. The Worst Person Alive
3. Rough
4. Good Enough
5. Be Your Man
6. Australia

Side 2:
1. Baked
2. Real Life
3. Love Hurts
4. Kevin
5. Didn’t Mean To
6. Made for You

Future Classic
Vinyl LP