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Eccentric Soul - Consolidated Productions Vol. 1: Vinyl 2LP


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

Operating in the farthest margins of L.A.’s cutthroat music business from 1961-1991, Mel Alexander’s Consolidated Productions was among the longest running Black-owned in[1]dependent record conglomerates of the 20th century. Caught up in a confusing web of imprints—including Ajax, Angel Town, Car-A-Mel, Emanuel, and Kris—this first volume gathers 28 smoldering R&B cuts by the likes of Lee Harvey, B.B. Carter, Marilyn Calloway, Del Reys, Deb Tones, De Velles, Gene Russell’s Trio, Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, and Ty Karim. Remastered from the original 1/4” tapes, Consolidated Productions Vol. I includes carefully researched annotation, discography, and photographs from a vital producer.

1. James Foster & The L.A. Untouchables - The Time Has Come
2. The Del-Reys - Don’t You Know
3. The L.A Untouchables - Money Man
4. Spider Walker - I’m Mad
5. The Del-Reys - Walk Proud
6. Billy Williams - So Called Friend (Oh! What A Friend)
7. Ty Karim - Lighten Up Baby

8. B.B. Carter - Cool It Baby
9. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - My Lover
10. Deb Tones & The Del-Reys - Knock On Wood
11. The De Velles - Misery
12. Ann Stacy - Don’t You Fool Me
13. B.B. Carter - Leave Me Alone
14. Marilyn Calloway & The 4-Silvertones - Shut Up (Demo)

15. Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis -(C’mon) Dance To The Drumbeat
16. The LA Untouchables- Acey Deucey
17. Gene Russell’s Trio - Doin’ The Snake Hips
18. The De Velles - Let’s Do The Hunch
19. Gene Russell’s Trio - Jet Set
20. Dynamic Duo and The Penguiness - Turkey Trot
21. Gene Russell’s Trio - Foggy Bottom)

22. Lee Harvey - Only True Love
23. Lee Harvey - Need Of Love
24. Lee Jones - I Got To See My Baby
25. Lee Harvey - Prove It
26. Lee Harvey and The L.A. Untouchables - My Assurance
27. Lee Harvey and The L.A. Untouchables - If I’m Dreaming
28. Lee Harvey - False Pride

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