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Eels So Good - Essential Eels Vol. 2 (2007-2020): CD


Release Date: 15 December, 2023

Eels presents Vol. 2 of Eels So Good – a Best of / Essential compilation release comprising 20 tracks spanning 2007-2020. Five tracks make their vinyl debut here, with three of these previously unreleased, one of which being “Christmas, Why You Gotta Do Me Like This”. Mark Oliver Everett adds: “Everyone should have at least three Christmas songs in their catalogue. I’m sorry it took me so long.”

1. Fresh Blood
2. That Look You Give That Guy
3. A Line in the Dirt
4. Little Bird
5. Spectacular Girl
6. I Like The Way This Is Going
7. Peach Blossom
8. Wonderful, Glorious
9. Where I'm From
10. Mistakes of My Youth
11. The Deconstruction
12. Today is the Day
13. You Are the Shining Light
14. Are We Alright Again
15. Earth to Dora
16. Royal Pain (as featured in Shrek The Third)
17. Man Up (as featured in Yes Man)
18. Man I Keep Trying (as featured in Prisoner’s Daughter)
19. JAZZ HANDS part I
20. Christmas, Why You Gotta Do Me Like This

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