Long Yu & Shanghai Symphony Orchestra - Aaron Zigman

Émigré: 2CD


Release Date: 21 June, 2024

Émigré is a collaboration between the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, the New York Philharmonic, Long Yu and Deutsche Grammophon. The oratorio was carefully crafted over five years and has a libretto by Pulitzer Prize winner Mark Campbell, with additional lyrics by Brock Walsh.

Inspired by true events, Émigré deals with a little-known chapter of the Second World War: the welcome given by the people of Shanghai to Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe in the 1930s. At its core, Émigré is a love story that is a parable for the world. The turmoil that tears the couples apart in the story is a reflection of how the world often tears itself apart.


1.    Prologue
2.    Shanghai
3.    Look Ahead
4.    Dreaming Must Wait
5.    This House We Share
6.    My City
7.    Recitative
8.    No Word From Home
9.    In A Woman’s Hands
10.    Yu Garden
11.    In a Perfect World
12.    One Magical Night
13.    Our People
14.    Ent’acte
15.    Light a Flame
16.    The Song Home
17.    You Cannot Deny My Love
18.    And Another Day
19.    Forever
20.    Once Upon a Night
21.    Where Is My Father?
22.    The Yeshiva in the Ghetto
23.    Nowhere to Go
24.    Through a Window

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