Arm's Length

Everything Nice / What’s Mine Is Yours: 'Laguna Blue' Vinyl LP


Sorry Sold Out

Emo three-piece Arms Length was formed in early 2019 in the small Canadian town of Belleville, Ontario when best friends Allen Steinberg and Jeremy Whyte finally began writing music together after years of knowing each other. Setting out to create a great new indie infused emo sound with shades of pop-punk, Arms Length made waves in this scene with the release of their first two EPs, What's Mine Is Yours and Everything Nice in 2019 and 2021 respectively, including coverage on Pitchfork, NPR, and more. They have since released their debut album, Never Before Seen, Never Again Found in 2022 to great fan and critical reception.

1. Theme Song
2. No Sleep 
3. Gallows Humour 
4. Safer Skin
5. Eve (Household Name) 
6. Garamond
7. Watercolour
8. Talking With My Hands Again 
9. Loathe
10. Blank Slate

Wax Bodega
Vinyl LP