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Sama' Abdulhadi

fabric presents Sama' Abdulhadi: CD


Release Date: 24 November, 2023

'fabric presents Sama’ Abdulhadi' deftly weaves intercontinental techno, psytrance and hip hop on her first curated mix-album. The DJ and producer also shares a brand new track, “Well fee” – featuring Walaa Sbait, MC of the ministry of Dub-key and 47 Soul.

'fabric was my first real European club! When I lived in London in my early years of being into electronic music, I went for every d&b night; every techno night; and who can forget those crazy Sundays? It was such an honour to finally play there.'

In the five years since her legendary Boiler Room set—which has clocked over 12 million views—catapulted her into the upper ranks of global electronic music, Abdulhadi has graced the world’s biggest stages and festivals.

Her diversity of taste is proudly reflected in the eclectic choice of tracks on her new compilation, featuring artists from across the globe who each mean different things to her, whether they’re new artists getting a leg-up or established acts that she considers influences.

'When I looked back at who I eventually chose, I was shocked to learn that they are mostly people like me. I really never look at the origins of where an artist is from when selecting what I play. I didn’t know I was adding the Latin youngsters to it, for example. And when I discovered where they were from, it just made sense. They have so much to say, and they are yelling through a synth, like I am when I perform.'

1. Khainz - The Drift [Spectrum]
2. Vazik - Clouds And Stars [Techgnosis]
3. Pan-Pot - Confronted [mobilee]
4. XZYKO - Kangoa [We Are Connected Music]
5. Lampé - Where To Start [Subios Records]
6. Karim Alkhayat & NÚRIA - Legend [Legend]
7. Carbon & Peter Groskreutz - Discharge [fabric Records]
8. Sama’ Abdulhadi ft. Walaa Sbait - Well Fee [fabric Records]
9. Flug - Phase One [Suara]
10. Kos:mo - Flashback [Respekt]
11. Lutgens - ASMR [fabric Records]
12. Coyu - Snow In Ipanema [Suara]
13. Mython - Sexual Deviant [Suara]
14. Bruce Zalcer - The Wizard [Kneaded Pains]
15. TimiR & Unlighted - System [fabric Records]
16. Psycrain & C.A.T - Goosebombs [Bassclef Records]
17. hngT - Artificial Awareness [Volta]
18. Michael Klein - Contact [RX Recordings]
19. YA Z AN - NADA-R [Open Music Lab]
20. Sylvie Miles - Man In The Woods [Space Kraft Recordings]
21. Dyzen - Tesseract [Afterlife]
22. Acid Arab - Laba Staifia (Ammar 808 Remix) [Crammed Discs]

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