Far From The Maddening Crowds (Symphonic Rehearsals): CD


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If you know the original this will send shivers down the spine, if you don't, you'll still get there. From the opening track Early - like awakening after the first romantic date - it serves as duvet on a cold day and a breeze in the heat. Strings and orchestration by Joe Duddell.

Chicanes 2007 track Offshore was recognised as seminal classic in the genre (#1 in the UK Dance Singles chart), followed by the Top 5 single Saltwater (37M+ views on video), and the No.1 (16 countries) Don't Give Up ft. Bryan Adams.

The strings and orchestration scored and conducted by Joe Duddell (Elbow, James, New Order, Alison Moyet and then some) become the flesh of the tracks; as if Far From the Maddening Crowd had decided a new diet was in order. Offshore DC, still rattles the dance rhythms, and there's an inking, madly, of Kraftwerk. Red Skies has a mysterious quality. In all the tracks the warmth and depth from real players; Halle and Liverpool Orchestra's, captures something AI can't - emotion.


1. Early Evolution Symphonic
2. Already There Symphonic
3. Offshore Orig Symphonic
4. Lost You Somewhere Symphonic
5. From Blue To Green Symphonic
6. Sunstroke DC Symphonic
7. Leaving Town Symphonic
8. Red Skies Symphonic
9. Sunstroke Orig Symphonic
10. Offshore DC Symphonic
11. The Drive Home Symphonic

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