Pat Travers

Feelin' Right: 4CD Box Set


Release Date: 23 February, 2015


Disc 1
Stop And Smile - Pat Travers
Feelin' Right - Pat Travers
Magnolia - Pat Travers
Makes No Difference - Pat Travers
Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) - Pat Travers
Mabelline - Pat Travers
Hot Rod Linclon - Pat Travers
As My Life Flies - Pat Travers
Medley, Parts 1 & 2 - Pat Travers

Life In London - Putting It Straight
It Ain''t What It Seems - Putting It Straight
Speakeasy - Putting It Straight
Runnin' From The Future - Putting It Straight
Lovin' You - Putting It Straight
Off Beat Ride - Putting It Straight
Gettin' Betta - Putting It Straight
Dedication - Putting It Straight

Disc 2
Makin' Magic - Makin' Magic
Rock 'N' Roll Susie - Makin' Magic
You Don't Love Me - Makin' Magic
Stevie - Makin' Magic
Statesboro Blues - Makin' Magic
Need Love - Makin' Magic
Hooked On Music - Makin' Magic
What You Mean To Me - Makin' Magic

Heat In The Street - Heat In The Street
Killer's Instinct - Heat In The Street
I Tried To Believe - Heat In The Street
Hammerhead - Heat In The Street
Go All Night - Heat In The Street
Evie - Heat In The Street
Prelude - Heat In The Street
One For Me And One For You - Heat In The Street

Disc 3
Hooked On Music - Live! Go For What You Want
Gettin' Betta - Live! Go For What You Want
Go All Night - Live! Go For What You Want
Boom, Boom Out Goes The Lights - Live! Go For What You Want
Stevie - Live! Go For What You Want
Makin' Magic - Live! Go For What You Want
Heat In The Street - Live! Go For What You Want
Makes No Difference - Live! Go For What You Want

New Age Music - Radio Active
My Life Is On The Line - Radio Active
(I Just Want To) Live It My Way - Radio Active
I Don't Want To Be Awake - Radio Active
I Can Love You - Radio Active
Untitled - Radio Active
Feelin' In Love - Radio Active
Play It Like You See It - Radio Active
Electric Detective - Radio Active

Disc 4
I La La La Love You - Black Pearl
I'd Rather See You Dead - Black Pearl
Stand Up - Black Pearl
Who'll Take The Fall - Black Pearl
The Fifth - Black Pearl
Misty Morning - Black Pearl
Can't Stop The Heartaches - Black Pearl
Amgwanna Kick Booty - Black Pearl
Rockin' - Black Pearl

I Gotta Fight - Hot Shot
Killer - Hot Shot
Just Try Talking (To Those Dudes) - Hot Shot
Hot Shot - Hot Shot
Women On The Edge Of Love - Hot Shot
In The Heat Of The Night - Hot Shot
Louise - Hot Shot
Tonight - Hot Shot
Night Into Day - Hot Shot

CD Box Set