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Fireball XL5: Cloud Of A Billion Lights - Limited Edition Fireball Yellow Colour Vinyl 7" EP


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Release Date: 18 December, 2022

With the 60th Anniversary of Fireball XL5 looming, Anderson Entertainment is relaunching the iconic and collectable Century 21 record label that they had originally formed in 1965.

Using the same "21 minutes of Adventure” concept and mirroring the original artwork which has become iconic in its own right, the series kicks off with a Fireball XL5 adventure, released 60 years to the day from the UK TV debut of the series.

Cloud of a Billion Lights stars an all-new cast, replicating the iconic voices. Marc Silk (Steve Zodiac), Nicholas Briggs (Matt Mattick) and Genevieve Gaunt (Dr Venus) are joined by Jamie Anderson voicing Robert the Robot taking over the voice role from his late father, Gerry Anderson.

The original label artwork is true to the original also, and each one will be pressed on coloured vinyl and limited to just 1000 copies worldwide.

This first release is presented on ‘fireball yellow’ vinyl - It will not be repressed, when it is gone, it is gone!

Century 21 Records
Vinyl 7" Single