Nick Mulvey

First Mind (10th Anniversary): Exclusive Zoetrope Vinyl LP


Release Date: 1 March, 2024

1LP zoetrope edition of Nick Mulvey’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘First Mind’ - each side has been designed by zoetrope specialist Drew Tetz & will animate with the rotation of the vinyl when exposed to the right light conditions or captured on your phone.

“Nick Mulvey’s debut is a charmingly simple and rarely produced album full of beautiful melodies, extensive guitar skills and exotic ryhthms – it feels like the missing soundtrack for the beginning of a perfect summer.” NBHAP

“A total package of pop hooks, instrumental genius and gorgeous rhythms, Mulvey presents us with an intelligent record that demonstrates his passion for sounds outside of insular scenes.” THE LINE OF BEST FIT

“‘First Mind’ is captivating, full of intricacies and influences that should see it celebrated as one of the great albums of 2014.” CLASH

Side A

1. First Mind
2. Fever To The Form
3. April
4. Juramidam
5. Cucurucu
6. Ailsa Craig

Side B

7. Meet Me There
8. Nitrous
9. Venus
10. I Don’t Want To Go Home
11. The Trellis
12. The World To Me

UMR / Fiction
Picture Disc