Thurston Moore

Flow Critical Lucidity: Limited Green Vinyl LP & Clear Flexi 7"


Release Date: 20 September, 2024

Thurston returns with his ninth and best solo album Flow Critical Lucidity released via Daydream Library Series. Some of the songs were written and arranged in Europe and the United Kingdom and include lyrical references to their environments and inspired by nature, lucid dreaming, modern dance and Isadora Duncan. The album was arranged at La Becque in Switzerland and recorded at Total Refreshment Studios in London in 2022, and mixed at Hermitage Studios in London with Margo Broom in 2023.

Flow Critical Lucidity comes from a lyric in the single ‘Sans Limites’ and the album sleeve cover art features Jamie Nares’ ‘Samurai Walkman’ — a helmet befitted with tuning forks. Jamie Nares (born in Great Britain) is a life long friend of Thurston Moore from his New York No Wave days and the two have often collaborated in art and music. 

Daydream Library
Vinyl LP