The Stanford Family Band

For Your Listening Pleasure: Limited Opaque Red Vinyl 12" EP


Release Date: 5 April, 2024

The Stanford Family Band release their debut EP "For Your Listening Pleasure" via Goo Records on 5th April 2024. Fronted by the captivating lead vocals of Elliot Stanford, the EP's six songs captures a vintage pop aura whilst retaining a fresh indie and garage rock edge. Limited to 300 copies!

Offering a sound which journeys through bittersweet memories, nostalgia, and the warmth of sunlit days, The Stanford Family Band have started to make a name for their unique sonic approach - drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as The Beach Boys and The Modern Lovers, built around complex four-part harmonies and irresistibly memorable melodic hooks.

Speaking about the EP, Elliot Stanford (lead vocals, piano, guitar and songwriter) said: "When we were first signing with Goo, we really had no idea what we would release or how it would end up looking. We have a lot of songs, old and new, some of which have been floating around for many years. In the end we just really wanted to put out a body of work that really encapsulates everything we are about! We love big dramatic songs and arrangements, but at the same time, a little cheeky country/garage rock beat has always tickled us so we just really wanted to capture everything that we love in one concise record. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work on this with our friend Harry Hayes (Producer) and we are mega proud of how it all came together!"

Having already garnered tastemaker press coverage (Earmilk, Fame Magazine among others), a whole host of radio play (John Kennedy - Radio X, RTE 2XM), The Stanford Family Band have quickly started to gain critical acclaim. This EP showcases the outfit’s uncanny ability as songwriters, creating memorable, charming and beautifully constructed melodic tracks.


Side A
A1. Your Chair
A2. Make My Day
A3. Sweep The Floor

Side B
B1. Love Me A Bit
B2. Nothing Like Something
B3. On My Holiday

Goo Records
Vinyl 12" Single