The Lathums

From Nothing To A Little Bit More: Limited White Vinyl 2LP + Signed Beer Mat


Release Date: 3 March, 2023

The Lathums state their intentions to supercharge their continued rise with the release of brand new album, From Nothing To A Little Bit More, released Fri 3rd March 2023 on Island Records.

Promising a total of eleven songs, From Nothing To A Little Bit More follows the UK Official Album Charts no.1 success of the band’s 2021 debut, How Beautiful Life Can Be.


1. Struggle
2. Say My Name
3. I Know Pt. 1
4. Lucky Bean
5. Facets 
6. Rise And Fall 
7. Sad Face Baby 
8. Turmoil 
9. Land And Sky
10. Crying Out 
11. Understanding