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Max Richter

From Sleep: CD Box Set + Blu-Ray Audio


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Release Date: 4 March, 2016

from SLEEP is an eight hour exploration of music, consciousness and human connectivity – and is actually intended to send the listener to sleep. SLEEP is played on piano, strings, with subtle electronic touches and vocals – but no words. “It’s my personal lullaby for a frenetic world. A manifesto for a slower pace of existence. I want people to start playing it while they are getting ready for bed, so that they hear it in their sleep.” – Max Richter. The 1h version entitled ‘from SLEEP’ has received widespread press coverage including Classic FM, BBC News, Mail Online, Radio 1, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, Metro, DIY and many more. Max Richter also partnered with BBC Radio 3 and broke two records for the longest broadcast of a single piece of music and the longest live broadcast of a single piece of music. 

from SLEEP consists of 8CDs + 1 Blu-Ray audio and includes a 20-page booklet.

Decca Records
CD Box Set