Fuzzy Fantasy: CD


Release Date: 15 March, 2024

COMA's melodic innovations between indie and electronica have always been incredibly accessible, sparing neither hooks nor emotions, and expanding the scope of what club music can be from album to album. In this respect, the new album 'FUZZY FANTASY' (their 2nd album on City Slang) is the next logical step - away from the dancefloor, closer to life. The Cologne- based duo COMA has firmly established themselves as a household name at the intersection of Indie Pop and Electronic Music. While embracing the incorporation of warmer Pop elements, COMA remains loyal to their artistic essence: meticulously crafted electronic music that has the ability to evoke both joy and melancholy simultaneously.

Tracks like 'Space', 'Hideout', and 'Start/Stop/Rewind' catapult COMA into the musical vicinity of the Pet Shop Boys, Hot Chip, and the more recent Depeche Mode. 'FUZZY FANTASY' is the result of an astonishing transformation, though in retrospect, not entirely surprising.


Side A
01. Hideout
02. Disconnected
03. Beyond You and Me 
04. Sober
05. NFS
06. Hard To Find

Side B
07. The Same
08. Transmission Failure 
09. Start/Stop/Rewind 
10. Space
11. Surrender

City Slang
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