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Gay Dreams Do Come True: 12" Vinyl EP


Release Date: 28 January, 2022

Born in Bolton, UK, Planningtorock – aka. singer-songwriter, producer, composer and director Jam Rahuoja Rostron – has been using music as a mirror to learn more about themselves for the last seventeen years.

A loud, proud, unabashed celebration, Planningtorock’s new EP ‘Gay Dreams Do Come True’ stands in opposition to the endlessly tragic queer narratives which seem to dominate the mainstream, Jam set out to make a record which basks in the all-consuming joy of queer love instead, and the sense of belonging and safety that comes with it. “I feel there’s something very political about owning queer happiness,” Jam says, “cutting it out and saying: we have a right to be happy. I want to make quite blatantly gay music to take up space. I felt like I was gay-dreaming on the day Riinu and I got married! There were little birds and stars around my head,” they say, laughing, “I was really pinching myself.” This same giddiness is plastered joyfully across the entirety of ‘Gay Dreams Do Come True.’ Written and recorded in Tallinn around the time Jam got married, the ebullient title track beams and struts beneath a shimmering disco ball. “I’m hot and I’m wet at the same time,” Planningtorock sings in a playful and desirous outpouring, “my heart is jumping and my ass is on fire.” “I wanted to make music which makes you feel good, because life is hard, and happy music is really important,” they explain. “To be able to say something within that happiness is really nice.”

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