Dama Scout

gen wo lai (come with me): Limited Colour Vinyl LP


Release Date: 5 August, 2022

Dama Scout's first full-length sees the London/Glasgow trio stretch their creative muscles, further building upon their unique, individual tastes to bring together a world that’s everchanging, infectious and brilliantly fresh. By pushing through the barriers of genre, Dama Scout’s constantly curious dive into contrasting sonic landscapes allows them to craft new terrain that takes its cues from East Asian pop and film. Mimicking the unpredictability of playing live shows, the tension between audience and artist and the push-and-pull of creative collaboration, 'gen wo lai (come with me)' ushers in an authoritative new era for the band. Here, jolting nightmares and reality-bending dreams exist side-by-side, and Dama Scout are our guides for every unnerving, enchanting moment.

Hand In Hive
Vinyl LP