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Genius Of Time - Larry Levan: 2CD


Sorry Sold Out

A unique and never before released collection which demonstrates the remixes and productions Larry Levan carried out when he wasn’t filling the dance floor DJing at the Paradise Garage. Larry Levan was a king of remixing and editing often adding that special “Levan” magic to some huge artists of the time like Gwen Guthrie, Smokey Robinson and Loose Joints amongst others. His studio talents didn’t end there however, as Larry worked with and produced artists such as Grace Jones and David Joseph to name but a few.


He is a name that gets associated with a bygone hedonistic age of abandon, the rise and fall of disco, and the general passing of an era. What is not always remembered is his role as an artist and producer, his innate creativity as a DJ, and a musical legacy that focussed on inclusivity and an intense musical journey, that still resonates in the present day. At a time when the brittle commercialism of EDM dominates current perceptions of ‘dance‘ music and club culture, it’s a prescient time to revisit the story of one of its founding fathers.


Levan was the resident DJ at the Paradise Garage. The Paradise Garage was home to NYC’s most devoted clubbers. It was here that his DJ sets became something of legend. Playing a unique and eclectic style of disco and dance music. His sets would feature bands like the Clash and the Police through to the more disco sounds of Gwen Guthrie and Sylvester.


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