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Thank You, I'm Sorry

Growing In Strange Places: Orange Crush Colour Vinyl LP


Release Date: 3 November, 2023

Thank You, I’m Sorry is the solo project of frontper- son Colleen Dow turned full band. Now joined by guitarist Abe Anderson, drummer Sage Livergood, and bassist Bethany Schreiner, the band crafts in- credibly relatable confessionals that everyone can connect with- struggles with love, working a job you hate, or just finding a place in the world. Songs that get to the heart of a young creative’s struggle in a destructive world.

On the third LP from Thank You, I’m Sorry, the band has found themselves continuing to write relatable songs penned by guitarist/vocalist Coleen Dow as they wield the pen like a soundtrack to your 20s. Each release has seen the band write tighter and more polished anthems that are sure to relate to people at an age where they need it the most. Don’t be surprised if this band ends up on The OC revival if and when that takes place.

Side A

1. Your Backyard
2. Autonomy Shop 
3. Brain Empty
4. Mirror
5. Self Improvement 
6. Interlude
7. Train Car
Side B
1. Chronically Online 
2. Head Climbing
3. This House
4. Parking Lots
5. Lleeny Hut Jr 
6. As I Should Be

Count Your Lucky Stars
Vinyl LP